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I mustache you a question. Are you ready for the holidays? ; Boys' T-shirt in a supersoft cotton-jersey fabrication. ; A mustache tree graphic adorns the front. ; Ringer neckline. ; Contrasting, long raglan sleeves. ; Shirttail hem. ; Woven logo patch at the left hip. ; 100% cotton. ; Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. ; Made i...
The Original Retro Brand Kids, Long Sleeve Raglan Mustache X-Mas Tee (Big Kids), RB203B-RTF1724A-602, Apparel Top Shirt, T Shirt, Top, Apparel, Clothes Clothing, Gift, zappos, zappos.com, www.zappos.com
Tags: t-shirts, cheap t-shirts, mixseven original design retro profile before long after short loose stripe sleeve long t shirt in the oversize.
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