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  • KEYWORDS: Alloy Enamel Links, 1/1Loop, Lead Free, Mustache, Golden Metal Color, White, 41x9.5x1mm, Hole: 2mm
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Alloy Enamel Links, 1/1Loop, Lead Free, Mustache, Golden Metal Color, WhiteSize: about 9.5mm wide, 41mm long, 1mm thick, hole: 2mm.Charming enameled alloy links with all kinds of shapes make the links Alloy Enamel Links, 1/1Loop, Lead Free, Mustache, Golden Metal Color, White, 41x9.5x1mm, Hole: 2mm delightful. They are a wonder...
Alloy Enamel Links, 1/1Loop, Lead Free, Mustache, Golden Metal Color, White, 41x9.5x1mm, Hole: 2mm
Tags: connectors, cheap connectors, free shipping!!!letter zinc alloy connector, european style, enamel & 1/1 loop, turquoise blue, nickel, lead & cadmium free.
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